Millions of Impressions on Daily Posts

At Regenesys, we pride ourselves on being a best-in-class social media marketing agency. We recently had the pleasure of working with a B2B technology company and completely exceeded their expectations with the results we achieved on social media.

Through our data-driven, strategic social media plan, we were able to help our client achieve millions of impressions on their daily posts. Yes, that’s millions of impressions almost every day. We conducted an audit of their social media presence and identified areas where improvements could be made and created a content strategy that included engaging and informative posts that resonated with their target audience.

We also focused on growing our client’s LinkedIn community, leveraging the power of LinkedIn Groups and posting regular content that added value to their followers. This resulted in a significant increase in followers, with over 16,000 new followers in just six months. The community became very supportive, regularly engaging with and sharing the client’s content.

To establish trust in the company and position the management team as thought leaders, we created a thought leadership program that included ghostwriting articles for the company’s executives and promoting their content on social media. This helped to establish the company as an expert in the industry, resulting in increased trust in the brand.

Overall, our social media strategy helped our client achieve amazing results on social media, including millions of views per daily post, a highly engaged and supportive community, and established thought leadership in the industry. At Regenesys, we’re proud to have helped our clients achieve their social media goals and look forward to helping more clients achieve similar success.

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