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As a marketing maven, I’ve seen my fair share of wins – but nothing gets me more excited than witnessing a true growth story. Today, I’m absolutely thrilled to talk about one of our client’s recent achievements that has really knocked it out of the park!

So, this client of ours has been doing some seriously impressive things. 

Our focus has been on organic growth, which, let me tell you, is no easy feat in today’s saturated digital landscape. We have been cultivating a genuine connection with their audience, which has led to a significant uptick in trust and engagement.

What’s more, we have managed to create a LinkedIn post that blew up – we’re talking over 10,000 reactions in just 24 hours!  

1.1 million impressions

And it didn’t stop there, the post continued to gain traction with over seven hundred reposts. As a marketer, I can tell you that’s the equivalent of a standing ovation!

So, how do we do this consistently?

About 2 years ago, we at created a safe and effective methodology using audience priming to boost linkedin posts and have been able to consistently garner a large number of reactions (minimum 500+), comments and reposts. We have successfully been using this process on personal and business accounts and the results have been truly amazing  resulting in gains of up to 1200 new followers in one day, 5000 profile views per month and more. See past results. Assuming you are creating content or posting on LinkedIn, we can help you do this too.

Its incredibly comforting to know we can Never have a failed post again with Regenesys Post Booster.

If you read any article/blog on the topic of how to get more reach on linkedin, they will all tell you the same things:

1. Create Posts that Resonate with Your Target Audience
2. Use Hashtags
3. Post Frequently and Consistently
4. Provide Complete Information on Your Profile
5. Share Posts of Others
6. Encourage People in Your Network to Engage with Your Posts
7. Create Valuable Content
8. Tag People and Pages
9. Republish Content
10. Respond to Comments
11. Get Your Employees to Engage and Share
12. Get Your Executives Involved
13. Post to LinkedIn multiple times per day
14. Use an Eye-Catching Image
15. Keep Your Titles Short
16. Grow Your LinkedIn Connections

The articles are right. These are the methods that even we, as an agency, use daily to get more engagement. But these standard methods will not produce results like Regenesys Post Booster. 

Don’t take our word for it, give it a try.

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