Why Buy LinkedIn Followers When You Can Get 800 Followers Per Day Organically?

The Unsettling Reality of Purchased Audiences

In the digital marketing era, the saying “more is always better” frequently reigns supreme. Yet, the reality is far from this notion. Imagine investing in a campaign to buy LinkedIn followers, only to realize that these followers are as silent as the night. This is the reality for many businesses that fall into the trap of purchasing audiences. Despite the initial allure of a quick follower boost, these purchased audiences often lead to zero engagement, lost opportunities, and even worse, a tarnished brand image.

The Power of Organic Growth: A Tale of High Engagement and Opportunities

Now, envision a different scenario: a steadily growing LinkedIn following, with each new follower engaged and invested in your content. Picture a community that is supportive, collaborative, and brimming with opportunities. This, in essence, is the power of organic growth.

One client has seen tremendous success and is harnessing the power to its full extent. Our client went from a meager LinkedIn following of two thousand to gaining an impressive 800 new followers in a day, organically. That’s potentially 24,000 new followers every month! How did we do it? Let’s delve into the journey.

linkedin growth - 800 follwers per day

The Strategy: Quality Over Quantity

Regenesys began with a simple mantra: quality over quantity. Rather than focusing on the numbers game, we prioritize creating valuable and engaging content that resonates with our clients target audience. We work diligently to understand the audience’s needs, challenges, and interests, and craft content to address these key areas.

Engagement: The Key to Organic Growth

Instead of a one-way information flow, we treat our client’s LinkedIn page as a two-way communication platform. We invited their followers to share their thoughts, experiences, and ideas. We make it a point to respond to comments, engage in discussions, and provide thoughtful replies. This active engagement strategy not only helps foster a sense of community but also boosts visibility in LinkedIn’s algorithm, leading to more organic growth.

The Results: A Triumph of Organic Growth

The results were astounding. There are scores of new followers every day and some days our client can get up to 800 new followers, all organic. But the real success lay in the quality of these followers. The engagement rates on posts skyrocketed, content was shared and discussed widely, and they started receiving numerous collaboration and partnership opportunities.

The Lesson: The True Value of an Organic Audience

Our client’s success story underscores the true value of an organic audience. While buying followers may provide an immediate boost, it’s the organic followers who bring real, long-term value. They are the ones who engage, share, support, and open up opportunities. They are the ones who truly matter.

In the world of LinkedIn marketing, the path to success is clear: focus on organic growth

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